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The photographs by Miguel Trillo (Jimena de la Frontera, Cádiz, 1957) are partly generational documents and partly conceptual works on youth identity. His career has led him to portray the different urban tribes that have emerged in Spain since the eighties. Starting in a specific region of the country, Andalusia, where he photographed people close to him, Trillo’s oeuvre gradually acquired an international and timeless dimension as he continued to photograph the same recognisable groups of people over the next two decades all over the world. From Madrid’s counter-cultural La Movida of the eighties to the diversity of the nineties, his brazen frontal portraits reflect how globalisation and communications influence the development of the same features in territorial regions as disparate as the Arab Emirates, the United States and Europe.

Having obtained a degree in Image at the Information Science faculty and another degree in Hispanic Linguistics at Madrid’s Complutense University, Trillo’s first steps in the art world were guided by his musical tastes. As a result, his first exhibitions were organised by different alternative cultural centres in Madrid in the eighties, when his works appeared in specialised music publications, and his presence in galleries and art centres would be consolidated the following decade. In 2009, the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) in Seville and the Canal de Isabel II hall in Madrid staged a retrospective show of his oeuvre that reflected the overall unity of his career. Since 1994 Trillo has been living in Barcelona, where he combines his work as a teacher with his travels and international artistic production.

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