Andrea Nacach


  • 28/04/2011

    No one wants to be part of a fiction, and even less so if that fiction is real
    Andrea Nacach
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Photography as the basis of the works by Andrea Nacach (Buenos Aires, 1975), is displayed in a wide range of formats including book-objects, photographic series, video, installations and photographic objects. This variety of genre serves in defining an intimate territory, seeking the connections between human relations and the places in which they are produced. Continuous transformations, losses and absences are some of the key elements in her work, appearing amidst her universe of images, be they static or moving, loud or silent, creating subtle sensations in her projects, inviting viewers to reflect on memories and their continuance, both on an individual level and in universal terms.

In 1997 this young Argentinean was awarded a grant by the Antorchas Foundation in her hometown to take an advanced course in the artistic use of the Internet and multimedia. In 1998 she received the joint grant awarded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Antorchas Foundation and the National Centre of the Arts in Mexico City to carry out a digital photography project. In 1999 she obtained a bursary from the National Fund of the Arts of Argentina for Creation and Audiovisual Media. She has lived in Barcelona since 2002 and collaborates with Catalan artist Antoni Muntadas.

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