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The work by Oksana Mas (Odessa, Ukrania, 1969) is characterised by technical versatility in search of visual impact and conceptual depth. She is able to work with a range of media that does not belong to the art world, and to introduce elements from different spheres into the creative process. From wheels and engines taken from luxury vehicles to spheres and canvases, all these elements have a monumental appearance and as symbols and references serve the same formative idea that provides specific meaning. The visual force of her art, achieved through colour and brightness, is enhanced by the symbolism which that the spectator must discover trhough his own perception.

In 1986 Oksana Mas graduated from the School of Arts in Ilyichevsk and in 1992 from Odessa State Art School. In 2003 she obtained a degree in Philosophy from Odessa State University; her training in this field led her to explore universal aspects of life in great depth, as reflected by her artworks. Oksana’s international career has not prevented her from continuing to create works in her hometown, and her original and refreshing approach to art has enabled her to exhibit at a number of significant contemporary art centres in Odessa, Kiev and Moscow, not to mention the Stella Art Foundation and the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Oksana Mas is currently representing the Ukraine at the 2011 edition of the Venice Biennale with a striking monumental installation.

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