Maider López

  • Maider López



Indebted to Post-Minimalism, the work by Maider López (San Sebastian, 1975) arises from the dialogue between art, design and architecture. By intervening in architectural space or creating furnishings for it, her installations manage to transform their surroundings into works of art. Humour has been another characteristic tool in her career, as exemplified by series of actions in which the most absurd situations assume the subjective logic of Surrealism and place it in a social context. Playing with the colour and geometry of landscape, the artist subsequently documents these actions in photographic series, videos, installations and even consumer objects.

In 1998 Maider López obtained her degree in painting at the Fine Arts College in Bilbao, and went on to win the Botín Foundation Prize that same year. Having completed her training at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London she began to intervene in spaces and then turned to Performance Art, photography and video. At present she explores these genres in multidisciplinary projects linked to landscape and the environment, rereading their possibilities.

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