Tatiana Kourochkina Contemporary Art Project

Tatiana Kourochkina Contemporary Art Project aims to support and showcase contemporary art projects, promoting them in the international circuit and stimulating dialogue between the different players in the art sector.
To do so, Tatiana Kourochkina has developed its own exhibition and publication programme that doesn’t only intend to promote artists’ works but also provide them with theoretical endorsement and financial aid for their respective projects.

At present Tatiana Kourochkina Contemporary Art Project represents a group of artists from different generations, who embraces a range of interests and techniques, from digital technology to painting, from photography to sculpture and video installations.

Thus, the Gallery’s hallmark is its transversality as regards themes and genres, and its connection with renowned curators with whom it has developed a number of projects. In short, we offer a space for artistic promotion and engagement, especially for those young artists who are setting out on their careers and endeavouring to contribute to an active international diffusion of contemporary art.