5 Things to Give Up to Be a Successful Artist

Many people think that an art career is easy because you do what you like. However, the attempts to turn your hobby or talent into a business are failed. Sometimes it’s the fault of people, and sometimes various obstacles prevent talented personalities from succeeding. But in any endeavor, it’s necessary to start with yourself and make sure that you do everything you must do to achieve success.
This article should help people who’ve started an art career a long ago but didn’t make progress and for people who only nourish this idea. We can advise you to do it even if you’re afraid; otherwise, you’ll start regretting this after some time. If you have an aptitude for drawing, but chose a completely different major when entering the college, the absence of desire to do something should be familiar. “I need to hire a writer who can
do my paper for me” - this is a rather widespread solution in such a situation.
Indeed, it’s always better to ask for help to free some time and devote it to something that matters. Let’s find out what things any prospective artist should give up to succeed in art:

1. Getting inspiration from alcohol and drugs

It’s widely known that many world-famous artists do it, but you must understand the consequences of such an approach. If you can control yourself and your desires, you may try it, but avoid making it your habit. Those who can draw pictures only after drinking alcohol or consuming some substances can’t be called genuine artists.

2. Comparing yourself with others

Many people suffer from the habit of comparing themselves and their achievements with other people’s success. One may seem that it’s a good way to motivate yourself, but not all people take it as a motivation. Those who tend to putting themselves down and minimizing their achievements will only start thinking that they are miserable artists with no talent. This approach can bury a successful career.

3. Procrastinating

Sometimes it’s really hard to make yourself start working. Quite often, it’s a signal of emotional burnout and stress. If you work too much, stop it and change your way of living. But if you aren’t tired, but continue doing nothing and delaying things, you’re a procrastinator. This mindset will hardly help you achieve success in art, so you must get rid of this habit as soon as possible.

4. Trying to achieve perfection

None of us is ideal, so don’t try to make each of your work perfect. If you belong to people who consider their work a failure after the smallest mistake, you’ll hardly build a successful career. Spending lots of your time polishing your drawing and being afraid to make an excess brushstroke makes no sense.

5. Taking criticism to heart

If you start an artist’s career, you must be ready to hear unflattering mentions and opinions about your work. Unfortunately, not all people love and understand art, and not all people can keep their mouth shut. But if all world-famous artists took the criticism seriously, we wouldn’t have so many masterpieces we have now. Let people say what they say, whereas you don’t spend time on useless conversations and enhance your skills to become better and better.

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